Meditation or Thinking For Yourself

Perhaps that should have read not thinking for yourself 🙂

A good friend of mine who lives in Colombia and with whom I email weekly sent me this link on mediation practices and it’s terrific.

I practice mediation several times a week. I arrive at my yoga class about 20 minutes early and sitting on a block (at 66 my knees are up around my shoulders and sitting on a block helps elevate my hips and makes sitting so much more comfortable. I don’t lie on the mat as I fall asleep when I do this and meditate as well.) and I meditate.

As the article I’ve link to says there are two primary types of mediation. In one we focus on the breath or a mantra or some other thing as a way of blocking our thoughts. The other primary way is to meditate and allow our thoughts to flow but to pay not attention to them.

What I do is sit quietly and I do count my breathing by four counts in, hold for four counts, breath out for four counts and hold for four counts. Repeat. Sooner or later the tension in my body is gone and I drop the count and just breath deeply, slowly and without control. As thoughts arise I notice the thought and I let it go. If it returns, I notice the thought and let it go. If it’s an important thought, I remind myself that I will think it again later and I let it go.

I just keep breathing.

One of the things I avoid is falling into a woo woo state of mind. I don’t want to lose my awareness or mindfulness but I do want to let my thoughts go and eventually they do and I keep breathing until the teacher begins the class.

Mediation for me is one of the ways of reducing the chatter in my mind and reducing any anxiety I may be carrying (often unconsciously) in my body.

The body knows and the mind lies. We’ll get into this concept in a later post.