The Special Snowflake

Goodness but I hate getting sick. It’s an insult. After all I’ve been practicing my yoga three to four times a week (and this after falling down the stairs and tearing a muscle off my shoulder rotator cuff) and now I’ve been away from the mat for a week.

Do colds get more vicious the older we get?

This one started with a vengeance on Saturday (and I had to chair First Oakville’s 59th Charter Party that night) and it got worse as the week went on. So far, I haven’t a full night’s sleep and it’s Friday afternoon as I write this piece.

There should be some special grace given to those of us who practice yoga. We shouldn’t get sick. We’re too good to get sick. Sick is beneath us.

I guess I just want to be a special snowflake 🙂FullSizeRender

At least the cat still curls up with me on the couch when the coughing gets me thrown out of the bedroom.