Stay In The Game

This post first appeared today on the Perspire To Inspire Facebook page moderated by my friend and athlete Aman Kapur.

Better fitness thanks to medical science. One of the biggest issues facing athletes who are returning or in my case taking up a sport after a major heart event (mine was an aortic aneurism nine years ago resulting in open-heart surgery for a stent and new valve) is following your physician’s and cardiologist’s prescribed medicine. They are trained to be conservative and cautious.13726644_1292487937429458_7137738430347162527_n

Statins, aspirin and blood pressure lowering medication are all likely recommended. The big issue for me is a sore muscle reaction to just about anything. Having said that, while I can’t tolerate statins, I’m back on my blood pressure medication in an effort to lower my regular 120/80 down to 110 or so.

There’s a ton of medical info on the Internet including lectures by world-famous cardiologists during grand rounds at various hospitals that’s useful. A lot of the info is way too technical (and graphic) for laypeople but the message is roughly the same.

Reduce your stress. (I recommend hot yoga.)

Reduce your blood pressure. (In my case my BP goes too high under full out attack while cycling. This is controllable both by medication and lowering exertion to a more manageable zone.)

Stay in the game. And remember we’re in the long game and not just in it for the short term…if all goes well 🙂