Cultural Appropriation Terrorists

Too strong a title? Well when the literary class of 2017 resorts to name calling on Twitter and firing editors who upset their sensitivities what else should you call it? And especially so when so many of the mob with the burning torches call themselves writers and authors.

(The difference being anyone can call themselves a writer – even me – but few can call themselves an author which implies in my mind at least completing a piece of major work let along getting it published…but I digress.)

So I’m leaving the last word to Andrew Coyne and his excellent front page National Post article “So, we are all agreed then?”

This is top notch writing and not just because I agree entirely (although that helps) but because it makes sense and shows what happens when one group attempts to get its way (regardless of how worthy or unworthy the objective) by beating up those they perceive as being the problem.

The result is we’re left with two literary magazines now looking for new editors after resigning in the face of the mob at the door. Maybe one of our indigenous writers might want to apply…oh but wait…would that be kosher?

Kinda makes sense why the Canadian government hasn’t made any progress with this group in the last 200 years but now I’m just being mean to the afflicted.

Let’s leave the last word (at least for now) to Post letters-to-the-editor writer P.K. Rangachari of Hamilton who wrote about his amazement upon reading Robert Kaniglel’s The Man Who Knew Infinity a story about the life of Srinivasa Ramanujan. Mr. Rangachari said he was “amazed at how well the author had captured the mind and soul of my people.” Nice.9781487001117__HR_fe605d7e-dd24-4f7f-bbf9-d4bbea26df3d_1024x1024

BTW not that it matters but I’m currently reading The Break by Katherena Vermette who I subsequently discovered is a Métis writer from Winnipeg. This is a very good book written by a very good author who quite frankly I couldn’t have cared if she was born on the moon and raised by wolves.

Mixed metaphors aside at least I’m accidentally culturally correct in my late night reading 🙂

Watch Ms Vermette and Candy Palmater during their Canada Reads CBC video. The world needs more Katherena Vermette and of course more Candy.


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